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Colombia El Limon ‘Fredy Hidalgo’

Colombia El Limon ‘Fredy Hidalgo’

White grape, green apple, citrus and cane sugar.



  • Coffee Tastes
  • White grape, green apple, citrus and cane sugar

  • Carried From
  • Buritica

  • Region
  • Antioquia

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

A member of Coop Occidente, Fredy Hidalgo has been farming with his family for more than three decades. He lives on his small plot of land (only 1 hectare) with his wife and three children, who are currently attending school. One of his farms, El Limón – named so for the plentiful lemon trees scattered through the small farm –  has recently achieved Fair Trade certification, which speaks to the family’s responsible practices in quality, care for the environment, social responsibility and stable finances for the family unit. Fredy says, “Thanks to coffee, we have been able to offer our kids a proper education, buy our own farm and build the house we now live in.”

Fredy has his own, independent washing and drying stations which are adjacent to the family home, which have been a big help in preparing this lot of coffee. During harvest season, most of the labour is conducted by Fredy and his wife, though sometimes other extended family lend a hand. Coffee is selectively hand picked and then pulped on the same day using Fredy’s ecopulper, which helps reduce water consumption and waste during pulping. Coffee is fermented for around 16 hours before being fully washed and is then delivered to dry in greenhouses. The farm also has mechanical driers (guardiolas) and will use the two methods in combination from time to time.

We’ll be thinking of Fredy while we have a sip of this!

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