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Colombia Finca Veracruz Extended Fermentation

Colombia Finca Veracruz Extended Fermentation

Red apple, butter caramel and a honey sweetness.


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  • Coffee Tastes
  • Red apple, butter caramel and a honey sweetness

  • Carried From
  • Amaga

  • Region
  • Antioquia

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

This coffee comes from the Santa Barbara Estate, run by a father and son duo, both called Pedro. This particular lot comes from one of the estates smaller farms, composed of 16 hectares of coffee and a small mill. Each Veracruz lot is made up between 3-5 days of picking.

The majesty of this coffee is the extended fermentation. Each day’s pickings are added into a fermentation tank along with the previous day’s pickings. In this method of fermentation, each consecutive batch raises the PH level of the fermentation tank resulting in a longer fermentation that produces a fruit-forward cup but without the acid normally made at low PH level fermentation. Think vinegary coffee, yuck!

The last five years have been a solid building block for Pedro Jr. and his work on the farm. Experimentation in processing, increased monitoring and control of every stage of the coffee has resulted in his work being spread far and wide in the coffee community.

Thanks Pedro(s)!

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