El Salvador Las Mercedes Pacamara Natural

El Salvador Las Mercedes Pacamara Natural

Epic. Seasonal. Crafted.




  • Carried From
  • Las Mercedes Estate, El Bálsamo, Quezaltepec, El Salvador

  • Coffee Tastes
  • Strawberries, Sweet ripe plum, lavender.

  • Coffee Strength

About this coffee

For six generations, the Aguilar family has produced coffee on the shade-rich land on the north-eastern slope of the San Salvador Volcano. The estates cover nearly 160 hectares at altitudes ranging from 1,250 to 1,700 meters (4,100 to 5,577 feet), the top of the farm being unusually high for El Salvador and lending to great coffee growing potential.

As with many producers in Central America and El Salvador in particular, diversification of plant stock has become an important component of ensuring sustainability of production for years to come. This can include planting more disease resistant plant stock to effectively ensure production volumes, along with a more ‘risky’ varieties.

The Pacamara variety probably falls into the riskier category, although the Aguilar’s skill and dedication, alongside the natural advantage of good altitude does mean they are well suited to keeping these plants.

Pacamaras (a cross between the local Pacas and famously large bean Margogype) are well sought after and tend to bring a very good sweetness and a noteworthy creamy texture. This paired with the natural process that basically adds more of both gives a very dynamic and super sweet coffee that tends to leap right out at the cupping table.

The all the coffee from Santa Maria & sister estate Las Mercedes has been processed in keeping with ecological friendly processes at the nearby Tuxpal mill, in the case of the naturals on raised beds to allow more even airflow and drying.

The Aguliar’s story is the microcosm of the El Salvador coffee industry, through peaks, troughs, civil war, relocation, peace, return, regrowth, rust and pivot to the highest quality to secure the future. We are proud to be on that journey with them.

Strawberries, Sweet ripe plum, lavender. Fantastically sweet and a truly stand out coffee.

Additional Info

Producer: Fernando & Juan Aguilar

Location: El Bálsamo

Varietal: 100% Pacamara

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1250-1700m

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