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El Salvador Santa Maria Bourbon Natural

El Salvador Santa Maria Bourbon Natural

Raisin, peach and dark chocolate.



  • Carried From
  • El Bálsamo, El Salvador

  • Region
  • Central American

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

As stubborn as the mule. This balanced, persistently sweet coffee is produced in the great shades and high altitudes of El Salvador, by a family who can’t, won’t and don’t stop. Like many farms in the area, the Santa Maria estate was hit hard years ago by a leaf rust outbreak. But they worked hard and they got through it, thanks to some tough farm work, a bit of clever agronomic investment and that special sort of wisdom you acquire from six generations of a family run business.

These whole beans are a 100% Bourbon variety (not that kind, obviously) renowned for a high quality of cup with a sweeter, almost caramel-ey feel and crisp acidity. An El Salvador kind of Bourbon is warm, rich and full – imagine sipping on melted butter toffee, but without the guilt or sickly feeling.

The coffee is naturally processed at the family’s sister estate, Las Mercedes, on raised beds to allow for greater airflow and with careful attention to eco-friendly processes.

Additional Info

Farm: Santa Maria Estate
Producer: Fernando & Juan Aguilar
Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon
Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1250-1700m
Location: El Bálsamo
Region: Quezaltepec
Country: El Salvador
Estate Certification(s): (RFA)

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