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Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

Stone fruits with notes of peaches and strawberries, lime acidity and honey sweetness



  • Carried From
  • Shakiso town, Guji

  • Region
  • African

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

As a wise mule once whinnied, lock away your heirlooms and no one can love them. So, grab a bag folks, we’re not always this generous.

This high-grade coffee comes from the ‘heirloom’ varietal, which grows wild in Ethiopia and is sun-dried by the Shakiso Dry Mill of the Guji zone. When all is ground and brewed, these beans make an unusual and refined cup of stone-fruit flavours, floral notes and a luscious, creamy body.

Guji coffees are highly renowned and highly sought-after thanks to the area’s fertile soil, plentiful rainfall and high altitude, which reaches the dizzying heights of 2,220m. Phew!

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