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Kenya Ichuga

Kenya Ichuga

Epic. Seasonal. Crafted.




  • Carried From
  • Kiama Farmer's Cooperative Society, Nyeri, Kenya.

  • Coffee Strength

About this coffee

Kenya, and the Nyeri region in particular is one of the most recognised and well regarded as a consistent supply of outstanding coffee.  With very favorable terroir, volcanic soil and an infrastructure supportive of agriculture in general and coffee in particular, Nyeri is home to many excellent small holder organisations who process through central mills. Most of the coffees from Nyeri develop and mature slowly producing very dense & hard beans. This quality is also evident in the cup. The main harvesting season runs from October to December.

As is standard in Kenya, coffee is graded and sorted by size foremost, then often (but not always) by producers group and typically named after the wet mill through which it was processed.

After the amazing reaction to the Peaberry from Ichuga, this year, we have selected the AA as the best from an exceptional table. The AA grade speaks to the screen size, historically a measure of how well developed the coffee was on the tree. However, the underlying quality of any size of flat bean and peaberries will come from the normal agricultural, varietal and processing factors that influences all coffee.
This Ichuga is produced by Kiama Co-op, a group of 726 small holders between Mt Kenya and the Abardare Range. The volcanic soils are rich in phosphorus and slightly acidic, adding to the complex and concentrated flavours associated with coffee from Nyeri region. Fully washed, fermented twice – i.e. ‘Kenyan Process’ – the coffee is then dried for 14-20 days on raised beds.

Raspberry, blackberry, fresh strawberry, orange & refined sugar sweetness. Wonderfully bright, effervescent, engaging and complex. An outstanding Kenyan (even if we do say so ourselves!).

Additional Info

Co-Op: Kiama Farmer’s Cooperative Society

Mill: Ichuga Factory

Varietals: SL28 & SL34

Processing: Washed with double fermentation

Altitude: 1800-2000

Region: Nyeri

Country: Kenya

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