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Widescreen Espresso V16

Widescreen Espresso V16


£6.25 227g



  • Carried From
  • Kenya Lenana Peak AA Fully Washed; Ethiopia Shakiso Natural; El Salvador Santa Maria Bourbon Natural.

  • Coffee Tastes
  • Raspberry, blackberry and plum. With tastes of salted caramel and honey in milk.

  • Coffee Strength

About this coffee

Something of a signature blend; our Widescreen Espresso is made up of current in-season coffees that we are excited about!

Everything gets the Roast-to-Order small-batch roast treatment, so that we end up with an espresso that really won’t go quietly.

Flavour-wise, the Widescreen is big and complex, like a coffee Tony Soprano.

Blackcurrant, peach, iced tea. Raspberry ripple ice cream, butterscotch and strawberry milkshake with milk.


2 Star Gold

1 Star Gold

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