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The Café Femenino project is about giving hope to women in coffee producing countries throughout the world. The Café Femenino Foundation was formed in 2004 and named in honour of the 464 courageous Peruvian women who made the decision to improve their own lives through their work in coffee production.

The non-profit organization provides grants to projects that enhance the lives of women and their families, as well as aiding in emergency relief; one of the foundations first grants was given to a coffee co-op in the highlands of Sumatra to provide food and basic necessitates after the tragic earthquake and tsunami in 2004.

Many of the women working on the Femenino farms had previously been abandoned, living alone with their children with no other source of income. They were rarely considered landowners and having no legal recognition or rights to their own farms and homes. Despite these difficulties, producing women strive for a better life. Today, in these communities, there are positive cultural changes which are working to alleviate poverty. The foundation continues to make a huge difference not only in the level of poverty, but also in elevating the value of women in these remote communities.

Grumpy Mule was the first to roast and retail a Café Femenino product in the UK back in 2010 with Organic Bolivia Café Femenino which had since been joined by another Café Femenino coffee from Peru. Paying a premium for the coffee means that the profits can be reinvested into the Café Femenino projects for them to continue improving the lives of coffee producing women.

The women are really proud of the quality of the product they produce, that is now sold with its own label – proudly, Café Femenino.

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