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Some people think that coffee can’t be bettered. Other people think a snifter of a chest-warming spirit can add a little… something. Now, being the coffee purists we are, we couldn’t possibly condone that. But, given it’s a bank holiday, we thought we’d explain how we would do it if we ever did do it. Which of course we absolutely, categorically don’t. Ever. Well, hardly ever. Ish. And definitely not when we’re getting excited about a four day weekend…

Annnnyway. This one’s easy to make and delicious to drink (erm, so people tell us); an unholy alliance of americano, booze and cream.

What you’ll need:

  • A coffee glass
  • A jug
  • A whisk
  • A teaspoon
  • Your brewing tools
  • Some Grumpy coffee of your choosing. We’re going for our favourite, Rwanda Musasa Dukunde Kawa
  • Fresh double cream – enough to top your liqueur Coffee
  • 125ml of a good spirit of your choice – we’ve gone for Irish Whiskey (because we had some left over from St Paddy’s Day)
  • Sugar (optional – if you’re giving yourself a sweet treat)

How you’ll do it:

  1. Begin by preparing the coffee for an Americano as per the Mule Rules on the side of your pack (don’t count mississipily). Once the coffee is ready put it aside, ensuring it is kept warm.
  2. As the coffee is brewing, pour the small amount of cream into a jar and set aside.
  3. To heat the glass, pour in some hot water and allow to warm the glass for a few seconds. Discard the water, dry the glass and pour in some of your chosen chest-warmer.
  4. If you’re of the persuasion, add the sugar now. If not, don’t.
  5. Pour the coffee into the glass, leaving enough room at the top for a generous topping of cream – usually about two fingers worth (is it normal to measure cream in ‘fingers’? We’ll go with it). Mix the coffee and whiskey mixture well. If you have got sugar involved, make sure all the granules are dissolved.
  6. Begin whisking the cream until it thickens slightly (channel your inner Mary Berry). This should take a minute or so (more if you start eating it). Once complete, take the teaspoon, rest it on the rim of the glass just above the coffee, and pour the cream onto the spoon, allowing it to flow over it and create a fresh, creamy topping. The cream should sit atop the drink without sinking.
  7. Grip glass and chug the scolding lot. Only joking, that would be a highly foolish manoeuvre. Instead, just sit back, sip and savour like the boss you are.


28th March 2018


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