The French Press

More commonly known as the Cafetiere! An easy and reliable home brew method that when used correctly produces a cup with a fuller mouth feel than a pour over.

What you need

• Fresh, coarse ground coffee (think Demerara sugar consistency). 20g per 300ml water or 2 heaped dessertspoonfuls
• 6-cup French Press brewer
• Hot water just off the boil (about 93-95º)
• Spoon or coffee paddle
• Scale
• Timer
• Mug

Step by Step Guide

• Set your kettle to boil.

• Use hot water to warm up the pot of your French Press and warm up your cup/s.

• Weigh out 20g of coffee and grind on a course setting – like the texture of Demerara sugar.

• Empty the pot of hot water and place ground coffee into the pot.

• We recommend placing your French Press and brewer on to a set of scales set to zero so you can brew with the correct amount of water.

• Set your timer going and pour 300g of 95⁰ water onto the coffee in a circular motion making sure that all coffee grounds are evenly covered.

• Place the plunger loosely on the top of the pot to keep the heat in during the brew process and allow for a more consistent extraction.

• After 4 minutes, take lid off and use two spoons to scoop off the crust.

• Place the plunger on top of the water again, don’t push all the way down and pour your drink through the plunger. Doing this means a more even extraction than plunging and disturbing all the coffee grounds.