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Micro-lot Coffee

A little rarer, a little less known, a little bit special.

The Micro-lot coffee is the one you need to grab when you can.

One coffee, seasonally rotated from exclusive lots (we really mean that) a couple of times a year to give a special coffee experience that makes the mule jig with delight.

Because these are rare, seasonal coffees roasted in small batches to deliver a flavour uniquely rooted in altitude, climate and process, it’ll give a real treat.

The thing is, we never know quite how much we’ll get,  how long we’ll have it for, or when we might get it again. It’s not part of a range, it’s just a special, single, seasonal coffee.

So if you like your coffee to give your taste-buds a little jolt from time to time (like a little well-placed hoof to the backside), Micro-lot is the way forward.

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