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Roast to Order Coffee

This mule loves every single one of his coffees equally – but maybe some a little more equally than others.

Grumpy Mule Roast to Order coffees are the ones that really get him juiced. These are the beans and blends that bring colour to those furry cheeks and a skip to that mule heart.

Seasonally evolving espresso blends and a totally new range of coffees every couple of months; these rare, often unique, limited edition coffees are processed and harvested in tiny batches, before being individually roasted to a curve, time and temperature expertly calculated for peak flavour.

Roasted on Wednesdays and Thursday’s, we’ll send your coffee no more than a few days post-roast, so you receive it at its absolute peak freshness.

We care that much about their quality, these are now available in beans only. We recommend you grind your beans fresh to get the very best flavour from them – give it a go with one of our hand grinders, or if you want to feel like a barista, why not invest in a motorised grinder (and save on elbow grease!) available on the webshop from mid-August.

Colombia Javier Canacue

Big body with excellent sweetness and balanced acidity.

£7.25 Buy >

Colombia Planadas Sugarcane Decaf

Caramel, spice, mandarin and red apple.

£6.50 Buy >

Costa Rica Aquiares Estate Yeast Fermentation

Peach, milk chocolate, lime and caramel.

£9.25 Buy >

Costa Rica Sonora Natural

Blueberry, tropical fruit and dark chocolate.

£10.50 Buy >

Kenya Gatumbi AA

Cherry, vanilla, blackberry, elderflower and lime.

£9.50 Buy >

Widescreen Espresso V16

Wild strawberry, orange zest and dried fruit.

Panettone and brandy butter through milk.

£6.25 Buy >

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