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Colombia Planadas Sugarcane Decaf

Colombia Planadas Sugarcane Decaf

Caramel, spice, mandarin and red apple.



  • Coffee Tastes
  • Caramel, spice, mandarin and red apple.

  • Carried From
  • Planadas

  • Region
  • Tolima

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

This coffee is quite an achievement, given it comes from a region as remote and inaccessible as anywhere out there. The small south-Colombian region of Tolima is locked in by the West and Central Andes, so Planadas is surrounded by impassable mountains. And did we mention the farmers raise their delicious crop in an area partially controlled by paramilitaries? Yeah, there’s that too.

But we’re glad they persevered, because this remote and risky enterprise result is worth it. We’re talking beautiful dark, glossy beans grown from a volcanic loam and clay soil. After harvesting and drying, the coffee is shipped to Manizales where it is carefully decaffeinated. It’s done using the sugarcane process so as to stop those glorious beans losing their natural flavour.

The result is a big autumnal mouthful of caramel and spice, with sharp and sweet mandarin and red apple to round things out. After a couple of sips you’ll understand exactly why those farmers do what they do!

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