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Costa Rica Sonora Natural

Costa Rica Sonora Natural

Blueberry, tropical fruit and dark chocolate.



  • Coffee Tastes
  • Blueberry, tropical fruit and dark chocolate.

  • Carried From
  • Costa Rica

  • Region
  • Central Valley

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

Setting up a coffee farm at the foot of a volcano sounds like a pretty risky proposition, but the thrill-seekers at Hacienda Sonora assure us theirs hasn’t rumbled much recently. It turns out the Poas volcano is a pretty beautiful place, full of cloud forests, crater lakes and panoramic views.

The diverse landscape makes for some pretty spot-on coffee growing conditions, and the naturally rich volcanic soil does its bit. Producer Diego Guardia and his father Alberto run a feel-good farm, apparently. They tell us 100% of their power comes from renewable sources, and they look after their workers too, from health to housing.

But what about those very special beans? All their coffee is processed using Honey or Natural methods, making for a sweet and fruity cup across a number of varieties. For this lot, the cherries were harvested, floated and rinsed with fresh water, then dried for between 14 and 21 days. That fruity flavour sits alongside a rich, dark chocolate for a deliciously complex cup. Worth the risk, we’d say.

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