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Finca La Fortuna

Finca La Fortuna

Mandarin, raspberry and chocolate.


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  • Coffee Tastes
  • Mandarin, raspberry and chocolate.

  • Carried From
  • Honduras

  • Region
  • Ocotopeque

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

Finca La Fortuna is a superb coffee from the COCAFELOL co-operative in Honduras, a country famed for balanced, crisp brews with exceptional acidity. And this one’s no different.

The precious cherries start their journey at harvest time, when the coffee is at maximum ripeness. Quite a nuanced timing, which is why they’re collected manually before transportation to COCAFELOL. There, it’s on with the pulping, washing and drying. Again, the devil’s in the details. Only when the coffee reaches the magic number of 12% humidity does the onward journey recommence.

After being lucky enough to be picked at just the right time, and reach just the right humidity, those lovely beans are treated to 24 hours of fermentation. And what about the pulp? Never forget the pulp. Food for specially imported Californian red worms, then beneficial, Roya-combating fertiliser.

All that effort for… well… an absolutely brilliant cup of coffee. We truly are Fortuna (sorry) such tasty beans made it all the way from the hills of Honduras to our morning brew.

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