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Organic Bolivia Cafè Femenino

Organic Bolivia Cafè Femenino


£4.65 227g



  • Carried From
  • Union Pro-Agro Co-operative, Bolivia

  • Coffee Tastes
  • Smooth chocolate with a subtle, spicy finish.

  • Coffee Strength

About this coffee

Pro-Agro Café Femenino is a coffee produced by the women of the Union Pro-Agro Co-operative in Bolivia’s Yungas region. Part of the Café Femenino Coffee Project – and bringing a whole lot of X-chromosome, multi-tasking wisdom to the party – the flavour of these beans is only matched by the growing altitude.

Medium roasted, with a creaminess well balanced by the acidity, there’s just a trace of spiciness in the finish. Yep, your tongue isn’t going to be bored with this one.

Additional Info

  • Coffee: Femenino, Community Lot & Colonial
  • Co-Op: Union Pro Agro
  • Varietal(s): Catimor, Typica, Caturra, Mondo Novo, Bourbon and Catuai
  • Processing: Washed & Sun dried
  • Altitude: 1000-1755m
  • Region: Caranavi, Yungas
  • Country: Bolivia
  • Certification: FT & Organic.

Chocolate, Caramel, pleasant apple/grape acidity, creamy body and subtle spicy finish. Very well rounded and versatile across brew methods.

Union Pro-Agro represents a group of small holders located in the Caranavi valley. The mission of the co-op is to help its producers by providing technical assistance and delivering projects in areas of health, education, and infrastructure (mainly roads). Also a lot of work has been done facilitate the incorporation and registration of women (wives and widows) with the Bolivia’s Department of Interior to obtain the deeds to their land as lad ownership is a big problem in the area.

Having visited last in December 2013 we were able to support the co-op by requesting a special lot that would be prepared by only two of the villages within the co-op, the ‘community lot’.

The cup profile of all the coffees is quite typical of the Caranavi region; rounded and chocolaty, with balancing acidity. Technically very strong coffees that are favourites of coffee professionals and consumers alike.

What is apparent is the need to support the coffee industry in Bolivia as they battle against leaf rust (roya), and the pressure to move production to other crops mounts.

Café Femenino

Similar to our Peru Café Femenino coffee, the coffee with this badge that comes from Pro Agro (Femenino coffee only) supports the work of the foundation of the same name. Previously in Bolivia women were very rarely considered landowners and had no legal recognition or rights to their own farms and homes. This coffee is certified as Cafe Femenino by the Café Femenino Program that operates in 8 coffee producing countries. The program provides opportunities for bettering the lives of severely impoverished women who produce coffee in the developing world.

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