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Organic Peru Cafè Femenino

Organic Peru Cafè Femenino


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  • Carried From
  • Cecanor Co-operative, Peru

  • Coffee Strength

About this coffee

Peru Café Femenino is a coffee produced by the women of the Union Cecanor Co-operative in Peru’s Lambayeque region. Part of the Café Femenino Coffee Project, this coffee is grown, processed and traded exclusively by women in a way that allows the coffee’s natural qualities to shine.

Dark chocolate taste notes give way to a mild citrus and cocoa balance, creating a richness of flavour that’s going to taste pretty ace when you’re tucked under a duvet watching daytime telly.


1 Star Gold

Additional Info

  • Coffee: Café Femenino
  • Farm: CECENOR
  • Varietal(s): Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Catamor.
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1250-1600m
  • Region: Lambayeque & Cajamarca Regions
  • Country: Peru
  • Certification: FT, Organic

Dark chocolate, cocoa, and with a combination of lemon and lime citric fruit aftertaste, that gives a crisp finish. Balanced, rounded and versatile with a good, full-bodied mouthfeel. Great to experiment across any filter method, bringing different characteristics, but also a very good espresso.

Additional information

From producers in the northwest regions of Peru, this is a coffee we are proud to stock alongside our Bolivia Café Femenino as both excellent coffees that represent the origins well, but also as representatives of the women producers who have strived to make a better life for themselves through the café Femenino Project (see below).

Peru stands in a class of its own in its ability to offer a very wide range of sustainably certified coffees. FairTrade, Utz, Rainforest Alliance, and organic coffees are all well-represented. Punching well above its weight, in 2010 Peru shipped around 23% of the world’s FairTrade certified coffee, 5% of Utzcertified coffee, and 15% of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.

Café Femenino

Grumpy Mule was the first to roast and retail a Café Femenino product in the UK back in 2010 and Organic Peru Café Femenino, since joined by another Café Femenino coffee from Bolivia has been in the Grumpy Mule range ever since

The Café Femenino project is about giving hope to women in coffee producing countries throughout the world. This historic idea originated from the coffee cooperative CECANOR along with their export partner PROASSA who came to OPTCO to develop this idea. By working all together to support the drams of the women created The Café Femenino Coffee Program.

Many of these women have been abandoned, and many of them live alone with their children and no other source of income. Despite these difficulties, producing women strive for a better life. Today, in these communities of Northern Peru, in the region of Lambayeque, there are positive cultural changes which are working to alleviate poverty. The women are really proud of the quality of the product that is now sold with its own label – proudly, Café Femenino.

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