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Organic Seasonal Decaf – Swiss Water Processed

Organic Seasonal Decaf – Swiss Water Processed


£5.25 227g



  • Carried From
  • Seasonal producers

  • Coffee Tastes
  • Smooth chocolate with a subtle acidity.

  • Coffee Strength

About this coffee

If you are one of those special sorts who can kick without caffeine; this one’s for you. And our mule’s going to make sure you don’t get shorted on flavour.

The crop will change from season to season (see below to check that out), but you can be sure it’ll get the full Swiss water treatment so as to preserve the unique flavour and aroma of each and every bean. As if our mule would let it happen any other way.


1 Star Gold

Additional Info

  • Coffee: Seasonal Swiss wáter process
  • Producers: Sol y café, Capucas & Fedecocagua
  • Processing: Washed, Swiss Water process (SWP)
  • Certification: FT & Organic.

Subtly varying with origin, but always with chocolate & caramel sweetness, crisp fruit acidity and clean finish. A great espresso and filter.

Additional information

A slightly different concept, we rotate out decaf coffee in order to best maintain the freshness of the green coffee. No matter how great the technology and skill of the experts at Swiss Water in Vancouver, the impact of any decaf method has an impact on the rate of aging of both green and roasted coffee. Therefore we have worked with our partners to better control and manage the timing of green coffee and decaf process to bring fresh coffee from different growing regions all year round.

Great coffees from Peru, Honduras and Guatemala typically exhibit a balanced profile, good sweetness and with acidity improving in proportion as the altitude increases. The coffees from the origins and co-op in particular are chosen exactly for this reason, and to no great surprise they are co-ops we have known and worked with in various capacities and numerous coffees for many years.

Although the coffee looks a touch darker than many of our coffees, this is more due to the decaf process and in the cup very little of the roast is detected. Finding favour as both an espresso and as a surprising (to many!) filter brew, this is a decaf that we are very proud of and are happy to drink simply for flavour as well as lack of caffeine content.

Swiss Water Method

The ‘Swiss water Method’ is a trademarked name and process developed in Switzerland in the 30’s and has been brought to the wider market by the Swiss Water Decaf Company in Vancouver, Canada. Using supercritical water i.e. heated, and also under pressure, the water acts as both a liquid and a gas, washing out the caffeine but also the majority of the flavor of the coffee. The water is saturated by flavor compounds and the caffeine and is drawn through a filter that is sized to only capture caffeine molecules.  This is the clever bit – the flavorless beans are discarded, and a fresh batch brought in and soaked in the green coffee extract. Since the soluble flavor compounds are already in the water/GCE, the similar compounds in the coffee remain in the coffee, but the caffeine free water readily accepts the caffeine from the coffee (it’s to do with concentration gradients and osmosis).

Far less invasive to the final coffee and with superior taste to chemical processes, and certifiable as an organic process, this method really does offer a great tasting alternative.


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