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Uganda Sipi Falls

Uganda Sipi Falls

Dark chocolate, almond, cherry and blackberry.



  • Coffee Tastes
  • Dark chocolate, almond, cherry and blackberry.

  • Carried From
  • Kapchorwa District

  • Region
  • Mount Elgon

  • Coffee Form
  • Whole Beans

  • Coffee Strength

Though Uganda is known more for Robusta production, this high quality Arabica is a very welcome exception. The slopes of Mount Elgon, in the east of the country, are perfectly suited for the production of high quality specialty coffee, and it’s no surprise. Some locals claim that God lives on the mountain’s slopes, and that his bounty results in green and fertile hillsides ripe for agriculture. Best keep him happy then!

Such divine terrain brings with it spectacular coffee, and producers are increasingly realising the area’s potential. Since 1999, The Sipi Falls Organic Coffee Product has been using the natural benefits of climate and landscape to push the boundaries of Ugandan Arabica production, training farmers in advanced agricultural techniques and introducing top notch washing stations.

Whether through divine intervention or skill and passion, the result is a deep and flavourful coffee packed with dark chocolate and blackberry. A sweet and satisfying reward for living the good life.

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