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Brasil Daterra Sunrise

Caramel, biscuit & hazelnut.

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El Salvador – Las Mercedes Kenia Black Honey

Stewed plum, blackberry and dark chocolate.

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El Salvador Las Mercedes Special

Caramel, refined milk chocolate, tropical and red apple like fruit flavours.

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Finca La Fortuna

Mandarin, raspberry and chocolate.

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Guatemala Pocola Santa Paula

Brown sugar, berries & apple

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Organic Colombia Equidad

For those who like the darker side of life.

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Organic Espresso Landscape Blend

Soft fruits, & dark chocolate.

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Organic Ethiopia Shakisso


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Organic Grumpy Cool

Sweet Malt Loaf, Zesty Lemon and Earl Grey

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Organic Honduras Fuerza La Labor FT

Roasted nuts, caramel and dark chocolate.

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Organic Honduras Pico Pijol FT

Buttered toast, molasses and dark chocolate.

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Organic Peru Cafè Femenino

Dark chocolate, cocoa & citrus.

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Organic Seasonal Decaf – Swiss Water Processed

Smooth chocolate with a subtle acidity.

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Organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands

Cocoa & dark chocolate.

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Rwanda Musasa Co-operative

Molasses, red berries, citrus & a bright finish.

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Widescreen Espresso V16

Orange, peach, red apple acidity honey and caramel.

With milk, warm apple pie and clotted cream.

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Yemen Port Of Mokha B13

Raisin, orange peel, cinnamon, mixed spices and milk chocolate.

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