Award Winning Speciality Coffee.

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Hi There, I'm The Mule. Grumpy Mule.

We are an independent coffee roaster based in Meltham, Yorkshire UK. We pride ourselves on creating Award Winning Coffee that is meticulously sourced, ethically traded and deliciously grumpy.

Sustainability isn’t just a word for us here at Grumpy Mule, it’s an approach. Ethical isn’t just a slogan for us, it’s a commitment. Traceability for us is about the who, not the where.

Oh, and of course, GREAT tasting coffee.

To say that Grumpy Mule only cares about coffee is not entirely fair. He, and we, also care about our farmers, our growers and our customers. And other mules. And carrots. And a well-placed scratch behind the ears.

Our Story.

Ever since we were founded in 2006, the mission has been to fight the blight of bad coffee. Coffee that’s throwaway, unethically sourced and tastes like an industrial accident.

So we source fairly and sustainably, making sure that our growers share in our success. We roast with precision and care, making sure that we get the very best flavour from each and every bean that our growers have worked so hard to produce. And then we sell, making sure our customers see the zealous gleam in the eye.

Because great coffees, truly great coffees, depend on every stage of the process being just right.

That’s what drives Grumpy Mule.

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Hail to the Mule.

Mules were once the great unsung heroes of the coffee trade. It might be mostly trucks and pick-ups now, but back in day it was the trusty mules that made the hard yards; trekking up to highest altitudes all over the world to be loaded up with the freshest coffee cherries and bringing ’em back down.

And yet, what do people say about them? They say they are stubborn. They say they are stupid. They say they are grumpy.

People who know coffee know that only one of those is true – and that’s why we’re called what we are. Here’s to grumpy-ness in the cause of great coffee.

Here’s to the mule!

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Award Winning Coffee.

We are the most award winning speciality coffee company in the UK, with 31 Great Taste Awards achieved over the past 5 years.

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Morals Maketh the Mule.

Every single coffee bean reflects our commitment to a sustainable business and the partnership with our farmers.

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Coffee with a kick.

100% Arabica coffee, speciality grade, roasted in the UK.