Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is seeing a comeback! An Italian invention from Bialetti. It was quickly adopted by the domestic market of Italy as a way of producing a coffee similar in style to an espresso at home, but… this type of coffee is not the same as espresso and should be enjoyed as a short and potent brewed coffee.

What you need

• Moka Pot (4-cup)
• Fresh, coarse ground coffee, 17g or 2 heaped dessertspoonfuls per cup
• Scale
• Timer
• Mug

Step by Step Guide

• Fill the base with warm or hot water to the small valve (take care!).

• Grind the coffee like granulated sugar.

• Make sure that the metal basket for the coffee is dry and free of moisture before filling it with ground coffee to the brim. Gently tap the basket down to level out coffee grounds and ensure an even extraction.

• Place the basket into the base on top of the pot, making sure that the thread is clean and dry. You do not need to tighten this too tight as the metal expands during heating.

• Turn the heat source onto a medium to high temp – as the water is already hot it should not take long for the steam produced to force the water up through the central spout of the pot.

• Take the pot off the heat just as the coffee begins to gurgle and splutter a bit (this is a good sign!) wrap in a cold damp cloth to avoid over extraction.