The Aeropress

We like the AeroPress for a lot of reasons – its durable, portable and flexible – ideal for brewing your Grumpy Mule coffee, anytime, anywhere. The following guide will prepare one cup using 17g of coffee and 250ml of water.

What you need

• Fresh, coarse ground coffee.
• 17g or 2 heaped dessertspoonfuls per cup (those big ones your mum only had out for special occasions).
• AeroPress AeroPress filter
• Hot water just off the boil (about 93-95º)
• AeroPress paddle or spoon
• Timer
• Mug

Step by Step Guide

• Pop a clean filter paper into the filter holder and then screw onto the main chamber.

• Place chamber over a cup or server and rinse through with hot water to wash any potential papery taste from the filter (Yuck).

• Put 17g of ground coffee into the chamber.

• Place your AeroPress on to a set of scales set to zero so you can brew with the correct amount of water.

• Set your timer going and pour 30g of water (or up to the number 1 line) over the coffee to begin brewing – fresh coffee will start to bubble and release gases at this stage – ‘blooming’ the coffee. Take a paddle (a spoon will do the trick) and give the coffee a stir to make sure all grounds have been in contact with the water.

• After 30 seconds top up with 250ml water (or to the number 4 line) and leave to brew for 1min 30secs.

• After two minutes plunge the top of the AeroPress into your cup – sip away!