The Chemex

An iconic piece of coffee design and a great way to make coffee for more than one cup. Different size Chemex brewers are available, but we really like the 6 cup which is best suited to brews of between 400ml to 1litre.

What you need

• Fresh, coarse ground coffee. We recommend 30g per 500ml water or 4 heaped dessertspoonfuls
• 6-cup Chemex
• Chemex filter paper
• Hot water just off the boil (about 93-95º)
• Scale
• Timer
• Stir stick
• Mug

Step by Step Guide

• Place filter paper into the neck of the Chemex with the three point fold lined up with the spout.

• Wash the filter paper with hot water (optional) whilst in the neck of the Chemex to wash away potential papery taste and to warm up the brewer.

• Weigh out the coffee – we recommend using 60g per litre – and grind on a coarse grind (the texture of granulated sugar). For this recipe, we’re going to be using 30g coffee and 500g water to yield around 440ml brewed coffee.

• Dispose of water from the brewer and place ground coffee into filter paper – give the Chemex a shake to level out the grinds.

• Place your Chemex on a set of zero’ d scales – we like scales.

• Set your timer and pour 60g water over the coffee to begin brewing – fresh coffee will start to bubble and release gases at this stage – ‘blooming’ the coffee. Take a paddle (or a spoon will do the trick) and give the coffee a stir to make sure all grounds have been in contact with the water.

• After 20 seconds or so, pour the remaining water over the coffee 50g at a time up to 500g total. You can move the kettle in small circular movements to look like a pro (beard & checked shirt optional) – but mainly you just want to evenly wet all the coffee. Don’t pour down the sides…

• The water should finish flowing through in around 4 minutes and will continue dripping for up to 1 minute. If it’s taking any less or any longer then you need to adjust your grind size.