The Espresso Machine

Home espresso is one of life’s major challenges. Everyone knows it’s not easy. In these scenarios, your Nan’s words really do ring true – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Think about your choice of equipment – think harder about your choice of coffee.

Making a home espresso is like hosting a house party. Get the conditions and the ingredients right, and it’s great. Don’t, and you could be left with a real bad taste in your mouth. And don’t get downhearted if you don’t nail it first time; the ultimate espresso takes time, practice, great coffee and proper utensils. It’s an art form. In fact, we reckon there is no such thing as a perfect shot – only a never-ending chase toward espresso magnificence.

What you need

• Fresh, finely ground coffee. Between 14-18g per cup
• Espresso machine
• Timer
• Cup

Step by Step Guide

• Reminder: For espresso machines, finely grind your beans for best results.

• Make sure everything is piping hot. Place your ground coffee in the basket.

• A good extraction time for Grumpy Mule coffee is about 27 seconds (+/-3) per shot, but feel free to experiment. If you’ve got fine espresso ground coffee, a dose between 14-18g should work (a grinder really helps though!). Just don’t count mississipily.

• Enjoy your espresso. If you are making a cappuccino, latte, flat white or other milky drink concoction, steam your milk to create texture and practice being a latte art genius.