V60 Pour Over

V60 is the name for a single cup brewer designed by Hario – the 60 stands for the angle in degrees that forms the shape of the cone. Cool, hey.

What you need

• Fresh, coarse ground coffee.
• 15g or 2 heaped dessertspoonful’s
• Hario V60 brewer
• Hario V60 filter paper
• Hot water just off the boil (about 93-95º)
• Scale
• Timer
• Mug

Step by Step Guide

• Rest your V60 on a cup or server and put your clean filter paper into place.

• Wash the filter paper with hot water whilst in the cone of the pour over to wash away that pesky papery taste and also to warm up the brewer and server.

• Place the 15g of course ground coffee in wet filter – give a quick Ainsley-style shake to level out the grounds.

• We recommend placing your server and brewer on a set of scales set to zero so you can brew with the correct amount of water.

• Pour 30g of water over the coffee to begin brewing – fresh coffee will start to bubble and release gases at this stage – ‘blooming’ the coffee. Take a paddle (a spoon will do the trick) and give the coffee a stir to make sure all grounds have been in contact with the water.

• After 20 seconds, slowly pour the remaining 220g of water over the coffee a bit at a time, moving the kettle is a small circular motion allowing for full saturation through the bed of the coffee.

• The coffee should brew in a maximum of 2mins 30 – if it takes much less time or longer time you may need to adjust your grind size.